Bagida'waa:  Niswi

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naadasabii — s/he pulls a net
Naadasabii chi-gigizheb a`aw Anishinaabe.         
The Anishinaabe pulls his nets in the morning.


ashi — put someone somewhere
Bebakaan asaawag makakoong da-agimindwaa giigooyag.            netting
Each net has to be put into a different tub so that the fish can be counted.


ozhibii`igaazo — s/he is described in writing     
Ozhibii`igaazo endaso-bezhig a`aw asab.
Every net gets counted.


mami — take someone     
Bebakaan bagidinaawag anishinaabeg da-mamaawaad giigooyan de-minik.         
Each community is allowed so many fish each harvest.



zanagad — it is difficult 
Zanagad wiikobinindwaa asabiig. 
It is hard work pulling nets.


zhawendaagozi — s/he is blessed/pitied
Howah! Gii-shawendaagoziwag. 
Howah! They were blessed.


debibizh — catch someone    

Ginoozhesan bezhig odebibinaawaan.     
There is a northern pike caught in the net.


zhawenim — bless/pity/love someone   
Gigii-shawenimigonaanig ingiw giigooyag.           
Those fish must have pitied us.