Bagida'waa: Naanan


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measuring catch


giigoo — fish
Odagimaawaan ongow ininiwag bebakaan giigooyan.
These men are counting each type of fish.


dibagim — over see someone           
Dibagimaa endashid ginoozhe.           
Every northern pike is measured.


ginoozhe — northern pike    
Gaawiin niibowa mamigaazosiin a’aw ginoozhe.       
Only so many northern pike are allowed to be harvested.


asab — net    
Ozhibii’igaazo akina asab.     
Each net has a registration number.

fish in net


aabajichigaade — it is useful
Mii’iw ayaabajichigaadeg agimind a’aw giigoo.         
They use the number on the net to keep track of how many fish that have been harvested.


mami — take someone         
Agimaa a’aw giigoo da-gikenimind aniin minik gaa- mamind.                        
They are counting the fish so that they can keep track of the harvest.


ozhibii` — write someone down      
Odozhibiiwaan aniin minik giigooyan gaatebi bijigaazonid.   
This man is writing down the data of how many fish were caught in this net.