Iskigamizige: Bezhig

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izhinikaazo — s/he is named/called by
Ozaawaagosh izhinikaazo wa’aw. Boycee ige izhinikaazo.
His name is Ozaawaagosh, he is also called by Boycee.


ininaatig — maple tree
Obagone`waan iniw ininaatigoon wa’aw inini.
That man is making a hole in the maple tree.


aabajitoon — use something
Odaabajitoon biiminigan.
He is using a brace and bit.


biiminigan — brace and bit
Odaabajitoon biiminigan ji-bagone`waad iniw ininaatigoon.
He is using a brace and bit to make a hole in that Maple tree.


tapping tree

odaanisan — his/her daughter
Ogikinoo’amawaan iniw odaanisan wa’aw inini.
That man is teaching his daughter.


gikinoo`amaw — teach someone something
Ogikinoo’amawaan iniw odaanisan da-gwayako-bapagone’igenid.
He is teaching his daughter to correctly drill holes.


bagone` — drill into someone
Gaa-papagone’waad, mii bijiinag ge-izhi-ozhiga’iged.
After he makes a hole he shall tap the tree.


ingoding — at one time
Ingoding ge-izhi-maajigaag imaa gaa-tazhi-bagone’waad.
The sap will come out of the hole.


gikinawaabi — s/he learns by observation
Gikinawaabi wa’aw ikwezens weweni da-gikendang i'iw Anishinaabe-izhitwaawin.
The little girl is observing so that she can know the old traditions.


ekweyaag — it is a certain depth
Ingoji-go ingodoninj ekweyaag obagone’waan iniw ininaatigoon biinish maajigaag.
He only drills into the maple about an inch, just enough for the sap to start running.


zhaawan — south
Zhaawanong obagone’waan iniw mitigoon.
He is tapping the southern side of the tree.