Iskigamizige: Naanan

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maple sugar


ozhitoon — make something
Odiskigamizaan i'iw zhiiwaagamizigan da-ozhitood ziinzibaakwad.
He is boiling the syrup into sugar.


akwawaabandan — wait and watch something
Odakawaabandaan i'iw zhiiwaagamizigan ani-iskigamizideg.
He is watching the thickness of the syrup as it is boiling.


dibaabandan — inspect something
Emikwaanens odaabajitoon ji-dibaabandang i'iw zhiiwaagamizigan.
He is using a spoon to check the thickness of the syrup.



gipagaa — be thick
Mii-go eni-iskigamizideg, nawaj eni-gipagaag.
As the syrup boils it gets thicker.


iskigamide — boil down
Nawaj iskigamideg nawaj da-gipagaag i'iw zhiiwaagamizigan.
More water is boiled out of the syrup to make it thicker.


zhiiwaagamizigan — syrup
Booch weweni ji-dibaabandang i'iw zhiiwaagamizigan ani-iskigamideg.
He has to watch the syrup carefully as it is boiling.


misawendan — desire something
Gaawiin omisawendanziin ji-ziigigamideg i'iw zhiiwaagamizigan wii-ozhitood ziinzibaakwad.
He does not want to over boil the syrup when making sugar.


ziinibidoon — squeeze; wring; drip something
Bebangii oziinibidoon i'iw gaazhideg zhiiwaagamizigan imaa nibiing wii-gikendang ji-ozhiitaamagadinig ji-ozhitood ziiga’iganan.
He is dripping the hot syrup into the water to test if it is ready for sugar cakes.