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adobe Guide to the Southern Boundary of Wisconsin’s Ceded Territories


floral Member Tribes floral

Misi-zaaga'iganiing (Mille Lacs)

Nagaajiwanaang (Fond du Lac)

Bikoganoogan St.Croix (Danbury)

Gaa-miskwaabikaang (Red Cliff)

Mashkiigong-ziibiing (Bad River)

Ginoozhekaaning (Bay Mills)

Waaswaaganing (Lac du Flambeau) Gete-gitigaaning (Lac Vieux Desert)
Zaka'aaganing (Mole Lake/Sokaogon) Gakiiwe 'onaning (Keweenaw Bay)

Odaawaa-zaaga'iganiing (Lac Courte Oreilles)